We are a Level eighty-six communications LTD, a UK registered company specialized in network optimization and global internet facilities customization.

Our Business

  • Network performance adjustment

    We can optimize your network performance, can also provide additional network infrastructure to reduce your latency and avoid internet censorship.

  • Website construction

    We can build your website for you and have a wealth of experience. We also work with professional companies to make managing your website fun.

  • Diamond-quality internet service

    We can provide you with IP transit services, based on IX or tunnel. We provide you the optimal route based on dynamic routing.

Statistics of our services

We sincerely serve you
Our services are all over the worldt.

  • 50+ connected networks
  • 7,750+GB Monthly Transfer
  • 10,240+Mbps redundant bandwidth
  • 20+ Global nodes
  • 7,200+ Daily secured connections

We are continuously optimizing our connectivity and scaling our global infrastructure, and have successfully bypassed network censorship from a large firewall country, providing users inside the firewall with secure and stable encrypted traffic for over two years. Our global infrastructure now allows you to use the Internet more securely.

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